So, why do I want a recumbent Trike, when I already have a good bicycle?

I’ve recently decided to go and look at recumbent trikes, and fell in love with a Catrike Pocket when testing it out at RecumbentPDX here in Portland. It rode amazingly smoothly, didn’t hurt my back or my knees (or any other parts, but that’s a story for another time, if ever) and I believe if I were to take it home, I’d have no trouble climbing the hill to get here. When I ride home from work, it’s all uphill. It’s not too steep, but for someone who is getting used to riding a bike again after 15 or so years of not having touched a bike, it’s daunting, and a good way to run out of breath. I can do it, and haven’t failed yet to make the hill, but it’s not as easy as it once might have been. I’m getting older, and really think a recumbent trike would suit me better, and I would be able to use it to get all around town, not just back and forth to work, as I am doing now with the bike. The climb is getting easier, and over the last month of being back on the bike, I’ve made noticeable improvements in being able to climb the hill, but my back and knees pay for it every time. I hate getting old[er]. 🙂


A note about RecumbentPDX — They were very nice, and easy to talk to, and were helpful beyond measure. If you’re ever in Portland looking for a recumbent trike, I can’t recommend them highly enough. They knew that I wasn’t able to pick up a trike, when I went in there to test the Pocket out, yet they still answered all my questions and were respectful and friendly. I immensely enjoyed the visit there. 🙂

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