So, I just got back from a moderately long (for me, at this time) ride. I didn’t do it to go to work, finally. I didn’t do it to get home from work, finally. I just decided to go out and see how the bike was on a ride for the fun/exercise. The ride went well, but the trip back, and especially the last part were all uphill, so I think I can say that that last bit was where most of the workout was done. Downhill is easy, it’s getting back up that counts. I took a route that I’ve never taken before, and saw a part of Portland–that in all the time that I’ve been here–I’ve never seen. It was interesting, reminded me of yuppieville, or whatever they call it these days. I think I may do this every Saturday, so that I can get the workout that I need, and also try to get outside while the weather is nice and enjoy it. I’ll probably alter the route a bit now and then to get a view of areas I haven’t yet seen. Should be interesting.

–It would also be easier to see from a recumbent trike 😉