Taking a day off. 

So, Michele and I decided to make a day of it and went and tried to find some hex grid paper so that I could show her how to map out a world that she’s working on for something that she’s writing. We didn’t find the one that we wanted, because the gaming store that we finally ended up at only had 1 inch hex grid paper, we need something no bigger than .25 inch. I guess I’ll have to find a grid online, and print out a few copies to get her started on mapping. Once we discovered that we were not going to be able to get the required paper of the type that we wanted, we went ahead and decided to go eat something, I’ll spare you those details. Anyhoo, we’re back at home now, and she’s reading this as I type, because I am bossy like that 😉

Look! No recumbent trike mentions… Until now.

Have fun all 😉