If you don’t know what compression shorts are, they’re a type of shorts that are tight, and which are supposed to support the muscles in the legs and lower torso, in order to help with recovery after exercise. Anyhoo, I recently ordered a pair from a retailer on amazon, and got them, tried them on, and noticed a small tear in a bad spot… I’ll forgo the details. Suffice to say that a blowout (failure of the stitching) in that location would be a bit inconvenient, at least if I were to have been wearing the shorts without an over layer (I’m undecided on this one.) Anyhoo, I started a return request through Amazon, and one of the founders of that line of clothing contacted me directly, and helped to make sure that I was able to get the refund, and also offered a steep discount on two pairs of the shorts. He was very friendly, and helpful. I’m glad to see that these days; a lot of retailers just don’t get the idea of keeping your customers happy. Cameron went above and beyond for that, and I greatly appreciate his willingness to go the proverbial extra mile to make sure that the mistake was made right. Cameron, if you’re reading this, thank you again for some excellent and very responsive customer service 🙂

If you’re a guy in the market for some good, comfortable compression shorts, I can suggest Compression Workout Shorts with Custom Phone Pocket The II Bro  (Men’s only, thus the name.) I am not affiliated with the brand or anything else, I just really enjoyed my interaction with their people, and I know that if anything does go wrong, they’ll bend over backward to help.

Thanks for reading, and here’s my usual mention of the Recumbent Trike. I’d really appreciate any help with getting it. My reasons are in another post, and on the GFM site. 🙂