So, I got the faulty compression shorts out the door, and ordered a couple of new pairs to replace them, thanks to Cameron, at a steep discount. I now have them in my possession, and am wearing a pair now. They’re as comfortable as the ones that I had before, so that’s a nice nod toward consistency. The shorts are neither too tight, nor too loose, so I guess I chose the correct size for me (as opposed to some random guy down the road.)

I think I’ll pick up a few more pairs, when I have the money for it, and will use them when I’m out riding. The padded ones get too hot in all the wrong places, and while they’re slightly helpful, because of said padding, it’s getting warm outside. Suffice to say that when I get home after a long uphill ride, they can be a bit hard to remove. I’m starting to wonder if my skin reacts to spandex and turns it into a kind of glue…

I’ll also be trying out the pockets for the phone and keys/wallet, and see how those feel, when I get a chance.

But, for now, I have an apartment to clean. Yay me?

Obligatory Recumbent Trike Reference