So, after all the cleaning yesterday — and having to stay home and miss a day of work to do so — it’s finally clean enough for government work (although, these days, the government isn’t all that clean, so take that with a bucket of salt.) I do still have some work to do to get it just right, but that’s stuff that I can do over a period of time, and maybe even make some headway with. The general reason that I ended up having to rush through it, and a friend of mine can attest to the annoyance of this, is the lack of a decent length of time of notice before they announce their presence at my door, invariably at the worst possible time (trying to sleep, etc.) 24 hours notice, even if it’s on the generous side, is just not enough for a bachelor to get things straightened up, especially if he doesn’t have another pair of hands helping him out.

But, all that said, I think I did a good job of cleaning up the worst of it, and I can see the floor, to boot! (kidding, I’ve always been able to see the floor, usually…) 😉

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Obligatory Recumbent Trike Reference