Some of my geekiness.

I mentioned on my ‘About Me’ page that I’m into 3D Modeling. Here are a few renders that I created and am in the process of working on. If you have any ideas, suggestions, questions, or whatever. Just let me know. I hope you enjoy. 😉

Something that I created in Rhinoceros 3D ages ago.

I created this flying dagger in Rhinoceros 3D ages ago. It was intended to go into a mod that a friend and I were building for the Microsoft Game “Freelancer”. The mod never was finished, and the ship was never put into the game. But I enjoyed making it and eventually put a nice texture on it. Fully UV mapped and everything. Then I had a disaster happen, my computer that I had it on had a massive hard-drive failure, and now this is all that I have left of the model. Ah well, I could re-build it if I wanted to, but it was for a specific purpose, so I see no need to.

Top view of a ship that I call ShadowWrath.

This monster of a ship was also built for the game Freelancer, like the one above. But in its case, it got put into an earlier mod (with a much different texture/skin). I’m currently reworking the textures and improving the overall model. I have to say that of all my models that I have created, this is still my absolute favorite. I’ll create some additional renders and post them here for you all to look at, if you like. 🙂

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